Battlefield 1942: Road To Rome
Genre Action -> Action
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Date 2003-02-04
Publisher Electronic Arts
Date 2003-02-07
Publisher Electronic Arts
Battlefield 1942: Road To Rome Battlefield 1942: Road To Rome United Kingdom Retail Box ArtWith support for up to 64 players, The Road to Rome is a welcome expansion to EA's action-packed hit. And despite the fact it requires a copy of the original game to function, there's still plenty within the cellophane to justify the asking price. While it's still possible to play the game in single-player mode, even the most ardent fan would acknowledge that despite welcome improvements, the game's charms for the lone player are severely limited. This is a title that lives and breathes through its multi-player focus and when it's being played online, it really is enormous fun. At the heart of the full game was the range of vehicles; this add-on brings some welcome new additions to the fight. The crux of it all is still a battle being fought out between opposing armies and the action is viewed from a first-person perspective. To succeed, the game requires teamwork and lots of it: a hot-headed blast-and-go approach is rarely rewarded and the game is all the better for it. Where this add-on really scores though is in the design and balance of the extra maps it provides: these offer a better all-round balance and slightly larger playing arenas. You could assume that because The Road to Rome is an add-on pack it doesn't offer too many gameplay enhancements. You'd be right. But it does enrich what's already in place and makes what was already a very good game even better. --Simon Brew

- ESRB Rating: Teen
- Genre: Strategy
- Mission: Be all you can be: the future of the free world is in your hands
- Platform: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
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Battlefield 1942: Road To Rome North America Retail Box Art

Battlefield 1942: Road To Rome United Kingdom Retail Box Art