Battlezone 2
Genre Action -> Action
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Date 1999-12-31
Publisher Electronic Arts
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North America Retail Box ArtActivision and Pandemic Studios' BattleZone series combines the first-person action of games like Quake with the real-time strategy tactics of Command and Conquer. Set in the late 20th century, BattleZone 2 places players in an organization built to fight a new alien enemy known as the Scion. Game play is mission based, where players complete a variety of objectives, including assault, defend, escort, and base construction, to propel the twisting story line. BattleZone 2's beautiful landscapes only improve as the game advances; seldom do you see an action game with as many mountains, hills, and valleys to explore and hide behind. To repel the alien horde, you'll command a wide range of vehicles, all operated from a first-person perspective. The complex, but easy-to-grasp interface allows you to order other units into battle and construct new base structures with simple mouse clicks and single keystrokes. Unlike its immediate predecessor, BattleZone 2 emphasizes action over strategy; most of the missions--especially near the beginning--center more on vehicular combat and rarely require you to manage resources or structures. Later missions provide more strategic game play, or you can opt for the multiplayer game, supported over the Internet or local area network, that adeptly tests the base construction and twitch-action skills of even the best gamers. --Doug Radcliffe Pros: Spectacular landscapes Refined interface Unique blend of action and strategy Fun multiplayer game Cons: Less strategic depth than its predecessor

- Don't get spotted by enemies or you'll be in deep trouble - then you'll have to prepare for some intense fighting action
- Use all kinds of cutting-edge technology -- from trackers and sonic visors to traversal equipment
- Break into and out of movie-like locations and steal priceless items.
- Atmospheric realtime volumetric shadow technology helps you hide from your enemies
- Intense gaming action as you outsmart security systems, sneak past guards and avoid detection without killing anyone
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