Bee Smart
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Bee Smart brings a unique approach to learning, educating and training one’s brain through videogames. Bee Smart provides an active, fun and stimulating environment where kids (and adults!) can learn and discover new and familiar fun challenges. Over time, this will improve certain brain activities, such as speed, perception, creativity and memory. A great choice for responsible parents who want their children to learn while they play.

• Innovative Braintraining Game with a Daily braintest
• Designed for young kids 6+
• Trains speed, perception and memory
• Cute bee’s presenting the game
• Contains: 20 different minigames
• Collecting stickers (achievements)
• Free drawing mode, let kids store their favorite picture
• Intelligent algorithms calibrate each activity
• Easy to use and easy to try
• Play with up to 4 people (4 profiles available)
• Seasonal eastereggs
• Made in co-operation with veteran puzzle magazine publisher Sanders Puzzlebooks
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Screenshots added: 2009-05-22