BEN 10 Omniverse
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
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Date N/A
BEN 10 Omniverse is set in the five-year gap between the original BEN 10 series and BEN 10: Alien Force. It has been half a year since the defeat of Vilgax and life has become rather ordinary for the alien-morphing hero, Ben Tennyson. But one day at Bellwood Madison Elementary School, the Omnitrix that Ben wears on his wrist suddenly emits a blinding flash of light that engulfs the entire school and neighborhood. When Ben regains his vision, sections of the school are still standing while others have vanished or are floating in mid-air. Ben looks for survivors, but sees only strange alien beings milling around in confusion on the twisted, altered school grounds.
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BEN 10 Omniverse Ben-volution Trailer (HD)
11.34MB - 605 downloads - 23 November, 2012

Explore the key features of Ben 10 Omniverse Videogame, discover the new characters and experience the real BEN-VOLUTION of the videogames series through the amazing and totally redesigned graphics.

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