Genre Strategy -> RTS
Today's Rank 2128
Date 2004-05-28
Date 2004-07-09
Publisher Mindscape
Besieger Besieger United Kingdom Retail Box ArtBesieger is a game of real-time strategy using ancient tactics of siege warfare, in a new fantasy setting. War has broken out between Vikings and Cimmerians - two ancient tribes that have lived in peace for centuries. While these two races of man fight each other, the evil race of Ogres fight them both. Lead Barmalay as he fights to free the Vikings, or lead Korin the Cimmerian as he fights to regain the old peace.

- Twelve huge levels with photorealistic landscapes, located in mountains, deserts, forests, etc.
- Hundreds of high-polygon models of animals, people, buildings, etc
- Cinematographic camera with several convenient modes of control
- A lot of multiplayer modes: Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Cooperative, Hold Artifact, King of the Hill
- For 1-16 players over LAN or Internet
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Besieger North America Retail Box Art

Besieger United Kingdom Retail Box Art