Bet on Soldier
Genre Action -> FPS
Today's Rank 0
Date 2005-09-12
Date 2005-09-30
Publisher Digital Jesters
North America Retail Box ArtBet On Soldier: Bloodsport takes you into a militarized world, where humans dedicate most of their time and resources to making war. Eighty years into the future, everyone either fights or works somewhere in the war machinery. Fighting isn't just about staying alive anymore, it's about making money. The federations created Bet On Soldier, a TV show where soldiers fight to entertain the masses and generate profits. The champions of this new bloodsport, "The Boryenkas Brothers", have something to do with your fiancee's death. To confront them and learn the truth, you enter the Bet On Soldier tournaments. Fighting your way to the top won't be easy -- you can bet your life on it. More than 40 different weapons including a gas launcher, acid gun, 5-barrelled shotgun, hand-scythe, and rocket launcher Advanced AI - enemies fight in packs and protect each other with shields. Mercenaries help you out when under fire Two endings - choose your own destiny Uses the innovative KT graphics engine, optimized for Nvidia and AMD64 chipsets Engrossing multiplayer action, with up to 32 players spread over 6 warrior classes - each player with the ability to bet on each other!

- enroll in the Bet on Soldier tournament and head for an inevitable clash with The Boryenkas Brothers
- System Requirements: G Force 3 Series or equal, Intel (or AMD) processor 2.0 GHz
- 7-1/2Hx5-1/4Wx1-3/4L"; 0.19 lb.
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