Beyond The Law The Third Wave
Genre Action -> Tactical
Today's Rank 12240
Date 2004-03-29
Publisher Viva Media
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtThe game is a squad-based strategy shooter for PC or Mac in which the player selects and commands a covert group of specialists to stop the ultimate threat - a nuclear attack against our nation?s capital. The plot thickens: A corrupt mob has engineered horrific waves of crime and corruption throughout our nation. These ravenous murderers and thieves will stop at nothing until they cripple our society, using every unscrupulous means possible. Human trafficking, smuggling, brute force and bribery are just the beginning. The police have been bought, the law has failed, and now the last line of defense is a group of mercenaries: Beyond the Law. In the game, your team targets the center of criminal activity - the gangs operating in the greater New York area. Your specialists must complete covert missions in 20 top-down virtual environments to stop their heinous crime spree, and take back the safety and sanctity of our beloved country. These thugs are armed with explosives, guns, attack dogs and high tech security systems, but they weren?t counting on you. Pick your own elite crew and go head first into battle knowing the future of the nation is at stake.
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