Big Mutha Truckers
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date 2003-06-27
Date 2003-05-09
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtMost obvious amongst the new features is the Cash Crash Combo system, where players are rewarded for the amount of cars they can destroy en route. , more speech, new in-game challenges and additional sound effects.By creating "chains" of destruction, skilled players can add substantial rewards to their cash total and even spawn collectable power-ups. Additional new features include bounties for shaking off bikers

As one of Ma Jackson's four kids, its up to you to take your rig out on the road and make as much cash as possible - by any means possible - in sixty days. Beat your siblings and Ma will hand over the reins of the business to you.
Players make cash by trading various commodities in the five cities that make up Hick State County, by taking on special jobs (some legal, some not so legal), by wagering with other rival drivers and by causing as much chaos as possible!
Big Mutha Truckers® is a unique, open-ended gameplay experience, offering players full freedom to explore Hick State County, find their own route to success and screw over their family as they battle to be the Biggest Mutha Trucker in the county!
Soundtrack features tracks by Steppenwolf, Stereo MCs, Deep Purple, Technique and the Everley Brothers.
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