Biohexx 2: The Second Encounter
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
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The game field represents a hexagon divided into smaller hexagons, like a rhombus drawn on a check paper. According to the level, there is your army of bacteria and your opponent's on different sides of the game field. The bacteria have two abilities: to replicate themselves on a nearer square or jump to another farther-situated one. When a bacterium is positioned in immediate proximity to its opponent, it renders it into its own type thus allowing a certain side to get a numerical superiority. The player's objective is to cultivate their own colony of microorganisms on the whole area of the game field. In other words, to occupy the whole game space with "their" army of bacteria by replicating them or assaulting the opponent.


- An intellect challenging entertainment;
- 3 Game Modes: Classic, Scenario, Head to Head;
- 5 Types of bacteria;
- Beautiful graphics to please your eyes;
- No constraints in tactics and creativity.
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