Bizzy's Spelling Bee
Genre Action -> Arcade
Today's Rank 34464
Date 2007-05-02
Publisher N/A
Date 2007-05-02
Publisher N/A
Bizzy's Spelling Bee is a word puzzle game where the aim is to make words from adjoining letters on a 9x8 honeycomb grid.
Its seductively colourful visuals and enchanting music make Bizzy's Spelling Bee great fun for all the family! With its fast-paced Time Trial mode, relaxing Free Play game and bonuses aplenty, there's something for everyone in the whimsical world of Bizzy's Spelling Bee!

• Classic
A standard game mode with no time limitations. The game gets progressively more difficult on higher levels.
• Free Play
A word puzzle for those who want to relax! Free Play does not include any time limits or penalty tiles, and is never-ending.
• Time Trial
Once you've master the art of finding words in Classic or Freeplay mode, you can take on the Time Trial! Here you have a time limit in which to find "buzzwords". Run out of time and the game is over. Time bonuses can help you on your way, while bombs, rocks and locked tiles will hinder your progress.
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