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Blackhole Launch Trailer (HD)
20.31MB - 58 downloads - 3 March, 2015

OUT NOW! BLACKHOLE is an animated 2D sci-fi platform game that includes elements of logic, breathtaking story and audiovisual processing. A player finds himself inside of a black hole, where he discovers a whole new world! More information:

play Blackhole Launch Trailer (HD) download Blackhole Launch Trailer (HD)
Blackhole Alpha Trailer (HD)
43.49MB - 44 downloads - 27 June, 2014

It's the year 2121 and planet Earth is endangered by black holes. You're one of the crew set on an ultimate mission: to eliminate and completely erase these black holes. One day the astronauts encounter a black hole so massive that they are not able to avoid it by any means and their whole ship is sucked into it.

play Blackhole Alpha Trailer (HD) download Blackhole Alpha Trailer (HD)