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Blackspace Game Trailer (HD)
25.19MB - 63 downloads - 29 September, 2012

If you like the game, visit this Kickstarter page for more information. A cluster of extremely dense asteroids concealing enormous quantities of rare elements hang at the edge of the solar system. You lead your crews across these asteroids, extracting minerals, fulfilling contracts, and establishing bases. Piloting your powerful mining vehicle, take command of base operations, reshape the terrain, advance your technology, upgrade buildings, and hone base efficiency. Spread your bases across the asteroids, destroy the enemies, and harvest their carcasses to fuel your progress.

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Blackspace Kickstarter Video (HD)
169.58MB - 44 downloads - 19 September, 2012

Blackspace is the ultimate blend of Action RTS and Defense formats without many of the restrictive and repetitive aspects of a typical tower-defense, or the confining perspectives and awkward unit management of a classic Action RTS. Blackspace's fully deformable spherical play surfaces, direct control of the environment, and extensive use of physics will make this an experience more organic and non-formulaic than any other defensive strategy game. By piloting a 3rd person mining craft around the asteroids, you'll be able to change your viewpoint from on the ground to high-altitude orbits, eliminating the frustration of prohibitive camera angles. Consider backing Blackspace on Kickstarter

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BlackSpace Teaser Trailer (HD)
10.62MB - 49 downloads - 22 February, 2012

BlackSpace is a unique form of real-time strategy, combining elements of action with an emphasis on economic and defensive efficiency. Players will find themselves on the outskirts of explored space, harvesting minerals, and supplying markets, while using the resources around them to sustain their operations as well as the lives of the colonist workers. The game takes place on X class asteroids, players will control both surface and orbital operations with the use of a specialized low gravity operation support vehicle. The vehicle controls take skill to maneuver safely, but once mastered, it becomes an extension of the players hand, commanding base operations, pilot drilling dig sites, prospecting large and unusual mineral deposits, and if need be, supporting the bases defense. The play space encircles the celestial body and extends into orbit. This gives the player a layered and expansive strategic platform. The unique layout serves to broaden the players ability to develop varied and personalized solutions to the environmental and defensive challenges that await them.

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