Genre Action -> Arcade
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Publisher Interplay
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtI return to my world, this dark and rotting place, to cleanse it of the evil which nests in the heart of the land and to restore my families rightful reign... As I travel underground caverns and rain-soaked forests my blood boils at the sights I have beheld. Renegade humans killing for food and shelter. Goblin hordes marching across the land and mutant beasts ensalving my people through torture and starvation. They shall know the vegence of Kyle Balckthorne. Nearly 1000 frames of rotoscoped animation for ultra-realistic looking characters. Hundreds of different types of enemies.

- Hundreds of enemies and a maze of hidden passages
- Blast your way through enemy territory with high tech weaponry
- Defy death by dodging bullets, jumping and climbing your way out of danger
- Signature Series Edition!
- PC: DOS - Windows 95, Winddows 98, Windows ME
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