Blades of Destiny
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Date N/A
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Enter Arkania...The proud Thorwallians of Arkania's Northern Reaches face a dismal future. Rumors abound of a waiting army, banded together under one powerful Orc chieftain, standing ready to lay waste to Arkania's towns and villages. All hope of survival rests on your ability to discove the whereabouts of a legendary artifact thought lost with its wielder in the midst of Orcish territory. Can this renowned sword, The Blade of Destiny, stop the siege?

- Classic 1993 Fantasy Roleplaying Game; First in the Realms of Arkania series, set in The Das Schwarze Auge game universe
- Fully Animated, Isometric 3D Combat; Phase-time Game System
- More than 70 Towns, Villages, Dungeons and Ruins
- True Point & Click Mouse Interface
- easy to use Multiple Choice Dialogue System; Automapping
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