Blair Witch 2
Genre Action -> Adventure
Today's Rank 27943
Date 2000-10-30
Publisher Gathering
Date 2000-11-03
Publisher Take 2
North America Retail Box ArtLike the original film to the sequel, the second episode in the planned trilogy has arrived and the first thing it has in common with the original is the snailpace loading. Thankfully there were no crying children this episode, but it still requires 850Mb Hard Drive Space.Part II is developed by HumanHead games, makers of Rune, and they have stolen a march on the original by having part of the original movie describing the legend of Coffin Rock as their opening cutscene. This is an immediate improvement on the original. The Nocturne engine returns with its default-subtitled Widescreen cutscenes. They are better executed in Rune, but then that game didn't have any kind of template to adhere to. You play Lazurus, a man who starts off with a head wound and shaky memory. Following the little girl as instructed leads to the revelation of your mission, and then you get off into the woods proper to set about your search.The default controls are more intuitive and the flick screen action avoids hitting you with crazy camera angles at the start, and overall feels more controllable than Rustin Parr--when the view changes the assumption of reversed keys is correct on most occasions. The atmosphere setting continues in the forest with high-quality sound effects permeating the background as you run, search and occasionally shoot your way through to completing your task.Resident Evil fans who enjoyed Rustin Parr should have no problems getting into this one. It is almost as if the original was studied closely and checked for interface, engine and control improvements for this game. --Kenneth Henry
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