Blazing Throne
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
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Blazing Throne Trailer
9.91MB - 125 downloads - 28 February, 2012

Four Races, Various Classes Tough humans, elegant elves, blood thirsty orcs, mysterious forsaken. Each race has 5 classes, constituting abundant and colorful roles. Round Battle, the combination of Strategy and Passion The game is based on round fights. The cooperation between classes, changes of arrays, hundreds of skills, and thousands of equipment pieces will enable you to feel a great experience when facing strong enemies or joining the Arena. Castle community. Conquer the world together! The Castle is the reflection of community and strategy. Players can help each other and develop together. They can work together and build a castle. They can control territories and attack other castles. Summon dragon, finally skill striking your heart. In “Blazing Throne”, dragons are the strongest and most mysterious creature and the origin of all disputes. They agree to sign the contract with human and fight in the form of summon. When a player summons a dragon, the true dragon will appear with final skills.

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