Blitzkrieg 2
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Date 2005-09-26
Publisher CDV
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtBuilding upon the success of the best selling series, Blitzkrieg II offers dynamic gameplay, new strategic opportunities and the gritty realism of WWII battles. With a completely new graphics engine, more strategic choices and tactical objectives, players control historically inspired battles in the most dramatic and bloody conflict of the past century.

- Experience the gritty realism of WWII battles in this high-adrenaline game
- Decide what missions to fight; accumulate and call in reinforcements
- Command allied, German, or Soviet troops; 3 campaigns that span the globe
- Completely new graphics engine, more strategic choices, and tactical objectives
- Covert operations, seashore battles, and landing missions
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