Blitzkrieg Burning Horizon
Genre Strategy -> RTS
Today's Rank 12549
Date 2004-06-08
Date 2004-06-04
Publisher CDV
North America Retail Box ArtBlitzkrieg: Burning Horizon is the expansion pack for the award-winning Blitzkrieg game. In this expansion, you'll experience a number of stand-alone battles and live out the career of the infamous "Desert Fox", Irwin Rommel -- among the foremost military thinkers of his time. The German commander was eventually beaten by American general Douglas MacArthur, but Rommel enjoyed many victories before that -- victories that are still studied in the world's great military academies. Now Rommel's victories can be yours.

- Official stand-alone expansion, real-time strategy game
- Experience high-powered battles of WWII
- 18-mission campaign around historical figure General Rommel
- Fight famous battles in Ardennes, Tripoli, Tobruk, and Sicily
- Exciting single missions with new nation, Japan
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