Blitzkrieg Rolling Thunder
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Date 2004-11-30
Date 2004-11-19
Publisher CDV
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Retail Box ArtBlitzkrieg: Rolling Thunder is a new standalone expansion that covers the career of famous WWII general George Patton, aka "Old Blood And Guts". Start out with the Allied landings in Casablanca and complete each historical mission the real Patton faced -- and each challenge he overcame. Play through an epic 18 mission campaign through seven countries. From Amphibian operations to capturing a secret underground weapons factory in Pilsen, you'll save Europe with each completion of your objective.

- Realistic sniper attacks - If too many gun crewmen vanish, patrols will be out hunting down the sniper
- Build all-new buildings - New bunkers, the Western Wall, ancient castles and new Winter textures for units & buildings
- Advanced AI reacts to player tactics - Whether you choose to run a raid, or non-linear battles, the computer will react & defend accordingly
- Earn new units as you successfully complete each mission
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