Blood and Magic
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North America Retail Box ArtWith 3DO's Might and Magic Millennium Collection, role-playing fans get four complete versions of one of the best systems around. This special bundle pack includes The Mandate of Heaven (from Might and Magic VI), Blood and Honor (from Might and Magic VII), and two old-school DOS versions: Swords of Xeen and World of Xeen. This package deal represents hundreds of hours of game play, in which you control the fortunes of a group of four adventurers as they complete quests, learn skills, and vanquish ever more powerful foes. Instead of enclosing four bulky manuals, 3DO includes them on the installation CDs, along with Adobe Acrobat Reader to access them. You also get quick reference guides, hints, and walk-throughs to print out with your manuals. While Might and Magic purists will want to start the fun with Swords of Xeen and World of Xeen to achieve that special retro feeling (colorful DOS interface, pixilated images, plinky MIDI music), most gamers should dive straight into The Mandate of Heaven, then Blood and Honor. As in all good RPGs, you start out with next to nothing, and before you head off to tackle ultimate evil, you've got to equip, train, and season your warrior, archer, cleric, and sorcerer characters. In both versions, character building is robust, with lots of choices for individualizing your group. In Mandate of Heaven, you're tackling ultimate evil in the form of the Temple of Baa, a doomsday cult from the void. In Blood and Honor, you have to investigate the appearance of strange sea monsters with legendary relics. The detail and potential of your adventures in these games (even the DOS versions!) is awesome, and you may find yourself lost in the worlds of Might and Magic well into the next millennium. --Therese Littleton
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