Brain Sanity
Genre Action -> Arcade
Today's Rank 31294
Date 2007-12-14
Publisher N/A
Date 2007-12-14
Publisher N/A
Brain Sanity, a game where you represent a rookie doctor in his first day of work in the great hospital of the city. After coming, you have to confront a complicated operation in which a patient has been infected by virus cerebral. You mission will be to save the life of the patient.

-Explore and learn the different parts of the human brain and try to recover your patient.

-20 exciting levels with an increasing difficult.

-2 funny multiplayer online modes, upload your scores and battle against other surgeon.

-Colourist graphics and beautiful audiovisuals with a lot variety in each level.

-4 addictive offline modes with a lot of amazing challenges for the players.

-Incredible effects in your screen when you are affected for the diseases.
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