Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Date N/A
Publisher Shrapnel Games
Date N/A
Publisher Shrapnel Games
In Bronze, from Dreamspike Studios, gamers have a chance to rewrite history. As supreme ruler of one of twelve historically based civilizations the player is charged with expanding their civilization's territory by creating Farms, Towns, Embassies, Ziggurats, and even Armies. Construction is as easy as a click, and in no time at all your empire can stretch from map edge to map edge.

♦ Fast playing, Eurogame style land conquest strategy game. A typical scenario can be played in under fifteen minutes. Best of all, no micromanagement!
♦ Primarily designed for the single player experience, up to three others can join in Hotseat play.
♦ Turn based, mouse driven interface
♦ In game tutorial will have you becoming master of your empire within minutes of playing!
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