Brothers In Arms Earned In Blood
Genre Action -> Tactical
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Date 2005-10-04
Publisher Ubisoft
Date 2005-10-07
Publisher Ubisoft
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtIn a nutshell: While most WWII games seem to be based on flimsy Hollywood history, Brothers in Arms is the real "proper history" deal, making your trail of wanton destruction all the more satisfying. A mixture of first person shoot ‘em-up and squad-based strategy, the game features totally authentic locations, weapons and tactics. The lowdown: Since the first Brothers in Arms game only appeared in March, the first question to ask is: what was the rush, folks? There’s no obvious answer. Earned in Blood hardly marks a paradigm shift, but still has a number of cool new features: enemy artificial intelligence is now far more realistic, and the graphics have been noticeably improved, with a lot more urban environments. The all new skirmish mode offers shorter, more abstract, missions for greater longevity than the first game and also a great excuse to team-up with a friend for some co-op action. Most exciting moment: Using a flimsy barn for cover while your men carefully outflank a machinegun nest, allowing you to dash out and blow everything away. Since you ask: All of the battles in the game are based on real WWII events. Official photos, maps, after-action reports and eyewitness accounts were consulted. The bottom line: Still the best WWII game around. Harrison Dent Admire the scenery... and then shoot people Has accidentally just shot a puppy If nothing else, it was a nice day for it Seminal WWII weapon "the blurry gun" makes an appearance

- Delve deep into an authentic WWII experience with this military action game
- Command 2 squads of American paratroopers with easy 1-button command system
- Compelling story; close-quarter urban environments; next-generation A.I. system
- Skirmish mode; challenging and dynamic combat; new weapons and vehicles
- Single-player narrative, new cooperative multiplayer missions
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