Genre Action -> Arcade
Today's Rank 22548
Date N/A
Publisher FOG Studios
Date N/A
Publisher FOG Studios
The player controls the young bubbin Dundun as he begins a hunt through a castle to free nine fellow bubbins captured by the green maboo Grubb. The gameplay is based on the bubbin ability to spit bubbles that pushes the target backwards. The player must use this ability to make opponents and objects collide. Whenever a game entity collides into another, something happens; 20 entities means 20 times 20 = 400 possible outcomes. This gives the player a lot to explore. The gameplay is a mix of action and puzzle elements. Sometimes the player bubbles (spits bubbles that push objects) to defeat enemies, and struggling to control the physics of bouncing opponents and objects is part of the fun. At other times the player will scratch their heads wondering how to solve the puzzle that leads to a new area. The comic animations and fun puzzles make the game suitable for players of all ages.
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Screenshots added: 2007-11-21