BundesLiga Stars 2001 Review

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Graphics: 8.5
Sound : 8.0
Gameplay : 8.0
Multiplayer : 9.0
Overall : 8.0
Review by McGyver
Well normaly, each game of EA-Sports Fifa class is the same.
The difference in Bundesliga Stars 2001 is, that all the players
are only for the German Bundesliga.
The control of the game has also been changed, so that now the controls are
B,N,M,G,H,J. In my eyes that kind of control sux ass.
The training as you might remember from Fifa is also included, but its smaller.
You can only make a free game and shoot some Elfmeters against the other ppl.

The Game of Bugs

The game is also very bugged; I had many crashes during the start of the
game and even when I wanted to play the training.
It's the buggiest game of EA-Sports I know.
Sometimes my control in the whole game has been disabled so I have also been unable
to go back to my WinME and close Bundesliga Stars.

Boring Play by Play

I can't believe how boring the Play by Play is, as you hear the same sentance from
2 commentators every 2 minutes. One is speaking about the name of the players, and the other
one is speaking about the things that are happening in the game.
All at all the Play by Play isn't that important.. atleast it is not important in THIS game :)

Kewl Graphics

The GFX in BL Stars 2k1 is better than the fifa version.
The players are having more detailed skinsm and the stadiums are pretty much beautiful.
The Graphics are pretty good, and you can be proud if it doesn't go under a framerate of 30fps.

Some by the way extras

Well if you win a competition in BL Stars 2k1 you will get a star for your star collection.
Its not that useful, so you won't need it.
Like always EA has the offical rights of the German League and is so able to show the real names
but not the real skins thats causes a bad feeeling when you are playing.
You aren't even able to edit all the skins and looks of the players so its bad.
One of the best things in BL Stars 2k1 is the music which is very ok and nicely made up.

The Bill..

Graphics: Good graphics, and a nice overall look of the around places like the stadiums -> 8.5
Sound: The ingame sounds are bad, like the commentary but the music makes all better -> 8.0
Multiplayer: Funny at all so you won't have to be angry when you are playing with a friend -> 9.0
Gameplay: Not bad at all -> 8.0
Overall: 8.0

System Requirements: PII 233, 32mb RAM, optional GFX card