Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date 2012-07-31
Publisher Techtonic Games
Date 2012-07-31
Publisher Techtonic Games
Bust-N-Rush is a 3D arcade runner that puts you into the shoes of Kovo, an armored juggernaut-like hero. Kovo's only friend, a plastic pink flamingo named Paco, has been savagely destroyed by the machine-monstrosity, the Satellite of Wub. Kovo, devastated by the untimely demise of his polymer pal, must embark on an epic quest to demand restitution and quench his burning thirst for vengeance. Rush through 3 worlds of treacherous terrain, all the while activating special objects that send you flying through the air or flip gravity's direction. Complete Quest Mode to increase your skill, Survival Mode to test the limits of your skill, or boast high scores online via your favorite social networking sites with Bust-A-Friend Mode!

Three Different Worlds
Embark on your epic quest within the dark Depths of Thurl. Continue your journey through the inexplicably evil factory where Kovo used to clock a 9-to-5. Finally, launch into outer space to exact ultimate revenge from the dreaded Satellite of Wub!

Three Different Modes
Survival Mode
Push your skills to their very limit! This endless mode doesn't stop until it overwhelms you. How far and fast can you run?
Quest Mode
Help Kovo complete hundreds of quests across three worlds as he searches for vengeance against the monstrous Satellite of Wub.
Multiplayer - “Bust-a-Friend”
This offshoot of Survival Mode pits your high scores against your friends. Send and receive challenges through our in-game challenge system or through your favorite social networks. It’s time to utterly destroy your friends scores!

Over 60 Achievements
Strive to gain all ‘Cheevos,’ which range from destruction challenges to special ability challenges
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