Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Review

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Graphics: 6.0
Sound : 7.5
Gameplay : 7.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 6.5
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(C) Disney Interactive/Activision

Introduction / Plot:

Well, one of the big buddies of Toy Story step in into another game. Impressively this was not called Toy Story 3, but took the name from the main character of the game, that's the one you will take control of. The plot is not easily summarized: "Save the Galaxy". At the potive ending of each level, you will collect some special cadet-stars that will allow you to proceed onto next world (i.e to afford third world you have to beat three levels into first two worlds, to collect therefore three of those shitty medals...). Introductions, options menu, not 3d cutscenes are really bad done, and clearly they're shared with playstation and dreamcast versions of the game.

Gameplay / Controls: 6.8/10

Gameplay will result at first extremely easy and not that funny, though if you close your nose and try to play it for more than fifteen minutes (few reviews of this game have seen a man playing for more than 10 minutes of course) you will find a pretty funny arcade title. Just to let you imagine the game a bit better I find it pretty similar to Crash Bandicoot, especially to the third installment of Crash. The level design is linear, no big mazes or impressive shortcuts and often being faster will be better idea than collecting all the money-items around.

At the end of each level you're allowed to save into one of the eight slots. Levels goal is pretty the same all along the game: on each world you will collect a star for killing the boss - but you will also have to reach the end of the level in same time as the boss, avoiding to take 15 seconds more or you'll have to enjoy a crappy 2d mission failed screen. Another star will be avaiable if you reach the end of the level in a certain amount of time (the game is collecting best times), and another star instead will be avaiable trough different puzzles.

The controls are really basic and will take no effort to learn, Jump, Shoot, Select Weapon, and the objects on the levels are mastered 20 seconds after being collected. You will enjoy going around with a space-skateboard or jumping across special platforms, and, lucky bastard, you will be also allowed to collect few power-ups for your gun (upper gun, that's it...). A pretty nasty bug-like trouble arises whenever u get close to fixed objects, you'll have to turn fully back, you will not be able to slide around it, pretty bad thing for a game that wants to sell thanx to his arcade gameplay power.

Sound / Music 7.3/10

Sounds are well done, tough not having an over-bass or anything really exciting, music instead is really charming on some levels, whilst on others (like the intro music) you would wonder who is the dork that packed that wav on the cd. Second world music is an example of some good pumping music that will make you boost your volume and try to go on with the game, whilst first level music is the perfect example of how to bring someone out of before even completing one single level. There are better music out there on the web for free, next time change the author on those and pack'em.. ok? =)

Graphics 6.2/10

Game goes on with a 3d rear-view graphics, and overall it's just good graphics, with some downfall on intro, world selection and score screens where the graphics goes down to pathetic levels (like 0.8/10). The main character model is pretty well done, with a weird cartoonesque layout, the other buddies are just pretty basic stuff. Instead the level design and even more the texture quality will make you feel this is just a quick game for quick bucks from quick players and not a masterpiece for complex gameplay and an impressive amount of bucks :P

Overall 6.4/10

This is an arcade game and it belongs to kids, especially since the space-guy comes from a movie targetted at young humans, of course elder people that did like games such as Crash Bandicoot, Spyro or even Mario 64 will find some fun in this game. Remember though that here the target is fast-paced gameplay, not complex level design.