Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
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All alone on a candy factory! Not a single adult in sight! That's every kid's dream, isn’t? Unless, of course, you're scared of ghosts... Well, we've got news for you! The local candy factory is haunted! Some spooky ghosts have taken over and turned every last piece of candy into... well, into something spooky and ghostly and weird!

Don't forget - tonight is the night before Halloween. And without candy there will be no trick-or-treating this year! So it's up to you to save the factory and the holiday. Examine the haunted factory, defeat the supernatural enemies and solve the mystery of possessed candy!

• The simplest puzzle in the world: shoot and see what happens. No need to dodge or duck!
• Dozens of battles against ghosts, ghouls and their spooky (but charming) minions!
• Huge candy factory with many levels, including workshops, science labs, storages and much more.
• Vast range of tricks against your sneaky opponents, many possible solutions for any task.
• Adorable visuals in pixel-art style.
• Multiple game modes.
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