Cargo: The Quest for Gravity
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date N/A
Publisher bitComposer
Date N/A
Publisher bitComposer
CARGO! Takes the player to a colorful island archipelago, all that remains of the Earth as we know it, where he assumes the role of the young girl, Phlox. As one of the last human beings, she discovers the Brats’ secret and why they don’t need gravity, and the answer is: fun! When the “Brats” have fun, a mysterious element called FUN is generated, which then restores gravity. So Phlox sets out to provide the little fellows with as much fun as possible. She can do this in a variety of ways: the “Brats” love a hefty kick in the rear end, any kind of danger, music, car racing and breakneck rides on all sorts of vehicles. The player must assemble these vehicles himself using the construction kit, and can let his imagination run wild! All the air, water, submersible and land vehicles can be built using numerous vehicle parts in a simple construction editor. There are hundreds of ways of combining the components, depending on whether the player wants to explore the island world, cross the ocean in a motor boat, dive into underwater caves or fly to one of the floating islands. The Gods will constantly set player new tasks until he finally manages to outsmart them and save the world!
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