CarJacker: Hotwired and Gone
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date N/A
Publisher IncaGold
Date N/A
Publisher IncaGold
If you like your action fast, furious and dangerous then "CarJacker: Hotwired and Gone" will present you with a plethora of challenges to test your mettle and see if you have the 'bottle' to fit in and survive on the other side of the law.

Fast driving at the wheel of some seriously powerful cars, avoiding the cops, hand to hand fighting and even bribing those who could make your life easier are just a few of the necessities of a normal day but there are plenty out there who will make your life tougher than you wish!

Ten excellent missions, each with unique gameplay elements
Mixed types of gameplay: action plus theft
Frequency scanner, wrench tool, picklock to help you carjack!
Several luxury cars to steal
2 types of weapons
Hand-to-hand fighting
Huge living city with lots of pedestrians & vehicle traffic
When the going gets tough the tough get going
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