Casino Empire
Genre Puzzle -> Gambling
Today's Rank 24291
Date 2002-09-27
Publisher Sierra
Date N/A
Publisher V.U.G.
North America Retail Box ArtIn Casino Empire, your goal is to bring in the big spenders and turn casinos around! Watch your back - your competitors will be spying on you, and they'll try to sabotage your best efforts!

- Your cousin is in debt to the mob, and to pay it off, he has to make his casino profitable. That's where you come in -- you've been asked to turn a broken-down casino into the newest hot spot!
- If you can build up the little casino on the strip, you'll build a reputation in the business, and that means other casinos will come to you
- Drop in new slots and video poker machines, redesign the layout of the floor with better seucrity, and more convenient restrooms & cashier's windows
- Populate casinos with the most profitable games, handle comps and bring in the high-rollers
- Advertising is important -- don't forget to bring people in with signs, performances and other attractions
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