Castle Strike
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Date 2004-10-31
Publisher Tri Synergy
Date 2004-04-02
Publisher Data Becker
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtSet in medieval Europe, Castle Strike brings to life the violent 14th Century in stunning 3-D detail with bloodthirsty knights, impregnable castles and authentic siege weapons. Get a feel for the RTS genre with features that focus on warfare. Use the unique Pattern System to build elaborate castles—from the planning phase through layout and construction. Fortify castles with the siege armory to build towers, catapults, mortars and cannons or line the castle’s walls with ranged units armed with bows, crossbows, and even early guns. Automate the workforce by assigning workers to gather selected resources or help build the castle. Align troops and siege weapons to storm enemy strongholds and allocate resources while never leaving the battlefield.

- Knight FormationsThe tactical options featured in CASTLE STRIKE include sophisticated knight formations called Banner. These allow the assignment of a hero with special abilities to standard unit formations. Furthermore, the strength of a unit is significantly influenced by its resting times, armor upgrades and experience levels.
- Automatic Labor OrganizationIn order to cope with the tactical challenges of CASTLE STRIKE, the organization of the players work force can be easily managed. Simply clicking on one button will turn a serf into a builder (for automatic building, repair and/or fire extinguishing) or a collector (responsible for gathering resources) respectively. Both the resource production, as well as the labor organization can be easily implemented by either placing direct orders, or by moving a slider.
- CastlesAs soon as he has sufficient resources, the player can start building his own impressive castle. The keep and the military installations inside canbe protected by upgradeable walls which are both passable and climbable. Heavy weapons placed on the castle towers can be used to help repel hostile attacks. Additionally, after extensive research, advanced defense measures can be implemented. A specifically designed PATTERN SYSTEM allows for continual architectural planning while minimizing
- CombatantsAs well as equipping the hero with particular abilities, the player may also assign him one of three nationalities: German, English, or French. Each individual country offers 14 unique types of combatants: melee fighters yielding swords, axes, or spears; long range fighters using bows, crossbows or harquebuses; bomb-planting saboteurs, sappers, and of course, fully armored knights with their proud war horses.
- Siege ArmoryThe siege armory comprises of impressive towers, rams, ballistae, catapults, mortars, trebuchets, cannons (e.g. the Hollow Hanna) and many more. These weapons must be operated by the players own army. If the crew is killed, the cannon cannot fire. Extreme caution is necessary since the enemy may seize unattended or abandoned weaponry. Siege armory is vital to successfully storm a castle.- One special feature of CASTLE STRIKE is that (like in real life), standard troops cant dam
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