CellFactor: Revolution
Genre Action -> FPS
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In CellFactor: Revolution, gamers can manipulate thousands of objects simultaneously, control vehicles and fight against AI-controlled opponents or challenge friends to a match in the networked gameplay modes. CellFactor: Revolution establishes a new standard in physical interaction, combining multiplayer gameplay with massive environmental destruction.

Selecting from a range of characters with unique psychic and weapon abilities, players will manipulate the environment to pull, push or lift objects and propel oneself around the levels. The realistic gameplay powered by the PhysX processor allow the player to experience explosions that cause dust and collateral debris, wield powerful new weapons with volatile effects, and witness natural cloth, liquid and smoke phenomena.

Fully destructible architecture in five unique environments -- bust through walls, break down pillars, blow up bridges and more.
CellFactor: Revolution establishes a new standard of real-time multiplayer interactivity -- thousands of breakable objects become instant deadly arms. Four times the amount of interactive objects as CellFactor: Combat Training.
Powerful new Psychic abilities, including Psi Rift (hold many objects at once with both hands), Psi Crunch (implode whatever the character is holding), Psi Wave (part an ocean of objects in front of you), Dual- Wielding of any two weapons and more.
New vehicles, including a flying mechanized power-suit that creates an dynamic gameplay experience.
New weapons, including a physically realistic Grappling Hook, giving players more ways to destroy enemies and the environment around them.
Fresh gameplay modes include Assault and physics-oriented sports modes in addition to Deathmatch and Physical Capture the Flag.
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CellFactor: Revolution Trailer (HD Version)
275.86MB - 779 downloads - 8 August, 2006

3:07 of in-engine footage

play CellFactor: Revolution Trailer (HD Version) download CellFactor: Revolution Trailer (HD Version)
CellFactor: Revolution Trailer
30.63MB - 583 downloads - 8 August, 2006

3:07 of in-engine footage

play CellFactor: Revolution Trailer download CellFactor: Revolution Trailer
CellFactor Trailer #2
160.92MB - 213 downloads - 30 March, 2006

5:39 of in-game footage

play CellFactor Trailer #2 download CellFactor Trailer #2
CellFactor Shaky Cam Videos
47.42MB - 144 downloads - 23 March, 2006

These are some gameplay videos of CellFactor being played by one of the presidents of Ageia. He shows off various aspects of the game and the physics. It is truly incredible what they can do.

play CellFactor Shaky Cam Videos download CellFactor Shaky Cam Videos
CellFactor Trailer
87.18MB - 717 downloads - 22 March, 2006

CellFactor is a game developed by Artificial Studios which utilizes the Ageia PPU. This video was shown privately before the GDC to invited press members. The video shows off how incredibly powerful the PPU is and what we can expect from games that take advantage of it. Any disbelief or doubt will be shattered by this video, it is truly amazing.

play CellFactor Trailer download CellFactor Trailer