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Date N/A
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his game is an entertaining extension of the famous Conway's Game of Life: rival swarms of virtual germs wage a war against each other to the death, and you takes part in this battle as a commander of your own army of "germs". The behavior of the living armies is highly amusing and unpredictable. A game challenge is whether you can retain control over all this chaos in real time.
Like the real life, CellFighter incorporates features from action, strategy and puzzle games. Off-the-shelf "battlefields" provide you with a wide choice of game goals: destroying one colony of germs by adding germs to another colony; struggle for life, space or food; suppressing aggressiveness of the enemy life sources ; and so on. Moreover, innovations added to the Game of Life allow you to construct and play lots of new games: flexible settings give an immense power to change both the behavior of the artificial life, and the goal and capabilities of the player; the game environment can be also changed by inserting various extra objects (sources of life, stones, food and poison).
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