Celtic Kings
Genre Strategy -> RTS
Today's Rank 4608
Date 2002-08-27
Publisher Strategy First
Date 2002-10-04
Publisher Wanadoo
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtIn Celtic Kings: Rage of War, you play the role a young Celtic warrior who seeks nothing more than revenge! Choose to support the Romans or the druidic priests and collect magic artifacts as you complete your quest Find yourself exploring the ancient world as you complete your quest in this thrilling new game!

- After young Larax lost his beloved, he swore himself to the war goddess Kathubodua, and promised to seek out and destroy everyone responsible for his loss
- Try to beat the game in two different modes - Strategy or Adventure modes
- In Strategy Mode, you will train and command your units, and acquire powerful artifacts that will help you conquer strongholds & villages
- Launch large-scale military campaigns against your foes to bring them to their knees
- In Adventure Mode, you'll take charge of a small party that makes its way between Gaul and Rome
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