Champions of Regnum
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
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Champions of Regnum Trailer (HD)
20.58MB - 46 downloads - 28 February, 2013

With significantly restructured gameplay mechanics as well as new features and content, Champions of Regnum is an evolution of the Realms Online and Regnum Online franchises into a single global brand. Champions of Regnum is the third major expansion in the franchise. The new features, completely restructured gameplay mechanics, and added content mark the game's continuing evolution, which is also reflected in the updated game title and logo. In addition to all of the new content and revamped gameplay that players enjoyed in the recent VIP Preview event, today's launch adds a new Capture the Flag instanced mode and a new map for Team Deathmatch, as well as an updated Steam client. The character faces have been completely redesigned, and it is now possible for players to gain Champion Coins by winning matches in the Battlezone modes. A Hall of Fame to honor the most glorious Champions of the Battlezones has also been added.

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