Genre Action -> FPS
Today's Rank 134
Date 2003-08-19
Publisher Encore Software
Date 2003-06-20
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtJohn Chaser awakens onboard the SS Majestic with no memory of who he is or why an army of killers is after him. All he knows is that he doesn't want to get caught. Until he learns the truth, everyone is his enemy!

- For one or more players using LAN or Internet connection
- Futuristic action shooter with an air of mystery
- Find out who you are and why you're hunted
- Highly developed AI
- Multiple gameplay modes
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Chaser Trailer #3
8.49MB - 57 downloads - 27 August, 2003

Chaser trailer #3, showing off 45 seconds of gameplay and cinematic footage.

play Chaser Trailer #3 download Chaser Trailer #3
Chaser Trailer #2
8.45MB - 100 downloads - 23 May, 2003

Chaser Multiplayer Video, offering a bit less than one minute of high res gameplay footage.

play Chaser Trailer #2 download Chaser Trailer #2
Chaser E3 2003 Trailer
7.86MB - 36 downloads - 18 May, 2003

Chaser E3 2003 Trailer, offering 45 secs of gameplay footage.

play Chaser E3 2003 Trailer download Chaser E3 2003 Trailer