Chessmaster Challenge
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Chessmaster Challenge appeals to chess novices and masters alike, with step-by-step tutorials for those playing chess for the first time, as well as challenging tournament-style matches for chess experts. With a choice of six chessboard sets, there are three ways to experience Chessmaster Challenge:

Learn - If you are new to chess, Chessmaster Challenge is your teacher and mentor, with more than 25 step-by-step audio tutorials to learn at your own pace. Learn all the basics plus strategies used by chess masters around the world.
Fun - In the mood for a quick brain-teasing puzzle? Fun Mode offers eight types of chess challenges that help you master strategies like finding Forks, Checks, Checkmates and Pinned pieces.
Play - After mastering your skills, challenge a computer opponent to a tournament-style game of chess in two modes of play. In Training Mode, request hints and learn moves with the help of a virtual chess coach, helping you improve your game as you play. In Ranked Play, play against top-ranked players and dominate your opponent as you move up the rankings.
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