Chris Sawyers Locomotion
Genre Simulation -> Tycoon
Today's Rank 1856
Date 2004-09-07
Publisher Atari
Date 2004-09-10
Publisher Atari
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtChris Sawyer's Locomotion gives you the chance to build a railroad empire. Create a massive stretch of railways that lead across America, through Britain and into the toughest mountains. Guide the history of the railroad industry, from 1900 to 2000, while making incredible profits for yourself.

- More than 40 pre-designed scenarios
- For 1 or 2 players
- Build a transportation empire that includes railroads, trucking, buses, airplanes, and ships
- Outmaneuver ruthless competitors
- Cash in on a world of opportunity moving raw materials, goods and people efficiently from one destination to another
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Chris Sawyers Locomotion Movie
9.51MB - 129 downloads - 26 August, 2004

Chris Sawyers Locomotion Movie

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