City of Titans
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City of Titans Teaser Trailer
4.83MB - 150 downloads - 1 May, 2014

Made with Unreal Engine 4. City of Titans is a super powered comic book themed MMORPG being built by an army of volunteers. As we finish up pre-production, we wanted to give a glimpse into this new world we are working to build. Official website: Facebook: Twitter:

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The Phoenix Project Teaser Trailer (HD)
17.5MB - 92 downloads - 13 February, 2013

There is always hope, even in the darkest of times. A past of brightly coloured costumes and sinister monologues struggles to re-emerge from the shadows cast during times of darkness and corruption. New heroes arise to make their mark on the world even while their criminal counterparts continue to lurk in the gloomier, downtrodden areas of the world. Humanity honours the fallen, and takes inspiration from their selfless sacrifices. It is an age where heroic ideals stand tall, an age where such words as "truth", "justice", "freedom", and "honour" have new meaning. We stand on the brink of change, in a world where magic, high technology, and incredible scientific feats are frequent occurrences. Children are born with appearances and powers far different than their parents, and individuals with supreme strength of will and training can become forces of good...or evil. Heroes patrol the streets and skies alongside vigilantes, while villains scheme and plot with the help of scoundrels and rogues. Dynamic battles between the two sides are frequent, but even the worst of villains remembers that the dead can return to haunt their killer. It is a world that has seen both peaceful and unfriendly aliens arrive, and knows that it is connected to other dimensions and other times. One city has risen above the rest as a place where costumed heroes are welcomed, yet devious villains still skulk in the shadows. In Titan City, an old guard stands watch on both sides, watching the furnace which heats the melting pot of humanity. They have issued a call to action, the Phoenix Initiative, welcoming new heroes to their ranks. And now, the next generation of heroes are putting on their capes and cowls. New villains mask themselves amidst the rich and famous, and lure the unsuspecting in with words of clever cynicism. Welcome to Titan City, where the ashes of a lost world come together and rise once more. Welcome to the Phoenix Project, by Missing Worlds Media. Together, we will be heroes, vigilantes, scoundrels, or villains. This is what we do.

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