City Trader
Genre Simulation -> Tycoon
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Date N/A
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Date 2000-10-06
Publisher Electronic Arts
Online trading is one of the world's growth industries and even if global stock markets can be volatile, it is still an area that is growing in popularity.However, it takes time to learn the vicissitudes of equity trading and it makes sense to begin trading with a fantasy share portfolio. City Trader takes this one step further by providing a virtual arena in which to deal in stocks. It is an ideal introduction into the world dominated by trigger-quick dealings and nerves of steel.In this game, the gamer's mentor is Lord Fleming whose daughter Juliette needs help. Her fortunes are ebbing and they need to be revived. The gamer has to ride the changes on the stock market and enable Juliette to regain her position as a serious global player.Installation and configuration is a breeze--the gamer may find it one of the quickest games to get started on. Choose one of seven scenarios such as Music, Sports or Automobiles, tour your team's offices and prepare to deal.The graphics are excellent and special weapons such as a "spy" can help the gamer's portfolio to rise. Buying and selling can be complicated, but it is a fabulous introduction to this glamorous world. There is no guarantee that City Trader will make anyone a fortune, but it will make a lot of gamers excited. Buy! Buy! Buy! --Paul Munford
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