Civilization 4: Warlords
Genre Strategy -> Strategy
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Date 2006-07-24
Publisher Take 2
Date N/A
Publisher Take 2
North America Retail Box ArtCivilization IV: Warlords expands the Civilization games to include the world's most successful conquerors. You'll get a chance to play as legends like Alexander The Great and Genghis Khan. March your armies across the world, as you attempt to destroy your rivals and expand your Civilization through millitary conquest. Secure your place in history by becoming the greatest conqueror thsi world has ever seen!

- Bring new leaders into pre-existing Civilizations to help them advance
- Strive for world domination in this expansion pack to the award-winning game
- Play as legends like Alexander The Great and Genghis Khan
- 6 new civilizations and associated unique units; 3 new wonders
- 6 unique and interesting scenarios; 10 new leaders; 2 new leader traits
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