Close Combat
Genre Strategy -> Wargames
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Date N/A
Date 2002-05-31
North America Retail Box ArtThis second instalment in the Close Combat series is still regarded by many as one of the best real-time historical war games that you can buy. Taking a backdrop of Operation Market Garden (Monty's plan to end the Second World War in 1944 with a huge scale airdrop of paratroopers to take control of key bridges in the Netherlands), A Bridge Too Far adds vastly improved graphics and gameplay over the original Close Combat.The game can be played as individual scenarios, or through a linked dynamic campaign where the outcome of one battle determines the setting for the next encounter, right down to damage incurred on individual buildings being remembered for the next time a battle occurs on that particular map.Where the Close Combat engine excels is in portraying small-scale tactical infantry encounters, which is why the "Market Garden" setting is so successful. Troops are divided into small squads for control purposes, but each soldier is modelled individually, accurately measuring line of sight and available firepower, even allowing for his psychological state of being. The control method is straightforward from the "birds-eye" viewpoint, enabling you to use your right mouse button to issue orders and assign targets. The game is played out in real time, but this is no C&C clone, and requires stealth and planning rather than the "harvest-build-tank rush" mentality of other RTS games. --Jason Weston
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