Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
Publisher Basil Box
Date N/A
Publisher Basil Box
Basil Box, a start-up company from Austria brings the club life into the virtual world. ClubBox, the first social game from Basil Box, enables Facebook users to create their own clubs and go clubbing with their friends online.

For those who are tired of planting crops, digging for treasures or looking after pets on Facebook, Basil Box have created the opportunity to build and run a club as well as go clubbing online. ClubBox, the company’s first social game enables users to create the coolest club on Facebook.

A unique feature of ClubBox is that users play their favorite music in their club.
To add music, users simply copy and paste YouTube URLs into a box in order to create their music playlist for their club.
Thus, ClubBox also serves as a music platform where users listen to all kinds of music while hopping through other clubs.
ClubBox is a virtual environment that allows users to meet other like-minded music lover
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