Cocktail Mania
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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We are a bartender who wants to buy the best club of the city. Working one week in each new club we will collect big bucks to move from a café to a nightclub, from a special event at University to a party on the river.
Our duty is to prepare all the required cocktails and get all the tips as soon as possible, avoiding breaking glasses - that means losing money or increasing too much the alcohol rate of our guests.
Here the innovative part of the game: when the ethyl bar goes up, the screen starts losing focus, exactly as we were drunk, hampering our ability to match cocktails! Soon we’ll have to take a coffee setting in a row three cups of it or, if the alcohol rate bar is full, buying a 7th Mega-coffee on a tool bag. The boards of each level are all shiny, different, and full of special effects. Sometimes, we will have to work out a strategy to comply the strange requests of our customers, but there are a lot of special bonus we can use every moment. Every new piece is described on a help screen or simply right-clicking on the icon.

80+ Different Levels and Nice Backgrounds
Cocktail-Pedia: Cocktail Recipes for Players Use!
4 Special Tools to Help Gamers
Special Graphic Effects
15 Amazing Bonus Objects
Customized Sound Effects
Particle System for Explosions Effects
6 Original Music Themes
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Screenshots added: 2010-01-22