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Coloropus Trailer (HD)
10.61MB - 33 downloads - 26 March, 2012

Coloropus takes players to a beautiful world down in the blue depths of the oceans. Coloropus is a young octopus who is trying to save his girlfriend, Pinky. In various levels, players will have to solve mainly colour-based puzzles. By eating coloured pearls, Coloropus can change his own colour and even create mixed tones, to be able to move accordingly coloured obstacles out of his way. The deeper they dive, the darker and eerier it gets. In combination with physical puzzles, the game Coloropus offers a wide range of challenging entertainment -- and tells its fascinating stories without using any words. All dialogues and game hints are presented as little comics in speech bubbles, not using any word. Coloropus, developed by the Belarussian team Pigsels Media, offers 40 unique, hand-drawn locations and features more than 15 creatures, including 5 challenging puzzle bosses. Coloropus has recently won the "Future Hit" and "Most steady game" trophies at the Flash GAMM Game Contest, which was held in Kiev, Ukraine, in December 2011.

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