Combat Command 2 Gold
Genre Strategy -> Wargames
Today's Rank 19689
Date N/A
Publisher Shrapnel Games
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtChanges from the original Combat Command 2: Danger Forward edition includes seven new battles, new graphics, and several rule enhancements/tweaks to make the best game on airborne and amphibious operations even better! Right out of the package there are twenty-seven scenarios to choose from, including Salerno, Crete, Celles, Hurtgen Forest, and Sword Beach. Most scenarios focus on rarely gamed battles. Fight as the Axis or the Allies, drop from the skies or hit the beaches. Included scenario editor makes creating new scenarios or changing existing ones a snap. Complete control of the scenario's parameters allows the ultimate in flexible scenario design. From setting the weather to the experience level of glider pilots, you're in total command of the scenario you want to design. Hex and turn based gameplay. The design is heavily influenced by boardgame design, but fully takes advantage of the computer medium to create an easy to play game that has plenty under the hood. Scale is grand tactical. Each unit represents a company, each hex is half a kilometer in measurement, and each turn is a two hour block of time. A wide variety of terrain (including seasonal changes) recreates the ETO and Mediterranean. Some of the chrome rules includes bridge laying, mine clearing, radio contact, and unit postures. Accent on command and control. Faithful orders of battles, unit quality ratings, supply rules, and much more. Extremely well-researched, this is a game by history lovers for history lovers. Plenty of options for setting up a game. Play against the impressive and hard driving computer opponent, or a live opponent (through email, hotseat, or over the Internet).
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