Combat Mission Beyond Overlord
Genre Strategy -> Wargames
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Date 2003-06-02
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North America Retail Box ArtCombat Mission: Beyond Overlord takes you into the world of Word War II, more realistically than ever, with unparalleled depth and gameplay in true 3D environments! Build experience and keep morale high Movement and combat happen simultaneously, for the suspense of real combat as men & steel collide at once

- Accurate recreations of over 100 vehicles and 50 field pieces -- all common AFVs and artillery units used in Europe during WWII
- Multiple views of the map give you everything from a God's-eye view to the ground level with any unit
- You'll become a commander in Europe, during the final years of the war, and experience the strategic thrills and combat action known by real soldiers -- from Normandy 1944, to Berlin 1945
- Choose to play any sort of squads, as Allied or Axis powers - drive through the plains, push into the wood & slug it out in the cities in 50 different scenarios
- Turn-based 3D combat where you'll handle the management side of war - choose firepower by weight & range, know tanks' penetration values at different ranges and more
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