Command Ops: Battles from the Bulge
Genre Strategy -> Wargames
Today's Rank 3199
Date N/A
Publisher Matrix Games
Date N/A
Publisher Matrix Games
Panther Games brings us to the Winter of 1944 with Command Ops: Battles from the Bulge. Although the Battle of the Bulge is ground that has been visited by wargamers before, it has never been done with this level of fidelity and historical accuracy. The most advanced and realistic model of command decision-making implemented in a commercial wargame, combined with thorough historical research on the battlefields and forces involved in this campaign sets Command Ops apart from the competition.

# Realistic command decision making at the operational level. Assess, plan, order and react just like a real Corps, Division and Brigade commander.
# One of the most advanced commercial AI opponents ever developed
# Hundreds of hours of playtime including 27 scenarios, covering initial German offensive and American counter-attack
# Make your own maps and scenarios with the MapMaker and ScenMaker editors. Mod various aspects of the game, including map patterns and victory messages.
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