Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Date 2002-12-09
Publisher Eidos
Date 2001-09-28
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtCommandos: Behind Enemy Lines places you in the command of one to six soldiers (known as, naturally, the Commandos), all with their own sets of skills, strengths and weaknesses. The game throws a monkey wrench into standard real-time strategy conventions by eschewing such typical features as resource accumulation and unit creation. Pyro Studios and Eidos Interactive, in changing the way real-time strategy games are played, have moulded Commandos: BEL into a far more tactical and strategic game than its competitors in the genre. Featuring 24 World War II-based missions, which take place in a variety of locations--including deserts, dams and snow-covered terrain--Commandos: BEL offers a wide variety of mission objectives, with gameplay emphasising the dynamics between the six commandos. For instance, Tread's skills lie in driving, Spooky carries disguises and spy equipment for infiltration missions and Fins works best in the comfort of water. Stealth techniques dominate most missions; a handy line-of-sight display confirms whether your commandos are hidden from view. In some missions, alerting enemy guards could prove costly. In others, though, offensive tactics provide the greatest--and easiest--success. The diverse strategies employed in Commandos: BEL create a unique and rewarding gaming experience.--Doug Radcliffe
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